5 Things You Must Do On Your Wedding Day

After an action packed summer and early autumn of weddings, we still love every minute of hosting your love stories. While the team have plenty of helpful tips and tricks to get you through the planning process, we thought we’d offer you some of our best advice on your actual wedding day, inspired by our very own Lapstone Barn brides and grooms!

From the very moment you said ‘YES’, you’ve been planning and imagining the most incredible wedding day for months, if not years. So, after all of that hard work and drowning in spreadsheets, contracts and Pinterest boards, you want to make sure your celebration is nothing short of perfection. We’re here to help, so keep reading to find out the five things you need to make sure you do on your actual wedding day. How many have you already thought of?


Delegate, delegate and delegate again!Groomsmen helping the groom put on his buttonhole

 While you may find it difficult handing over control, your wedding day is the one time you need to delegate! We know it’s hard when you’ve spent months planning every fine detail of the day yourself, but this is essential to make all those details come to life, and let you enjoy your day knowing everyone else has it in hand. Whether it’s asking one of the groomsmen to usher guests into the wedding breakfast, giving a bridesmaid your wedding emergency kit or asking your uncle to organise transport, you need to allocate responsibilities to your loved ones so you can relax.

Before you ask one person to do everything, we suggest delegating certain roles depending on people’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their commitments. For instance, if they’ve got two little ones to look after, it may be better to ask someone else to help! Rest assured, your nearest and dearest will be thrilled to be involved in your wedding day and help in some way, big or small.


Table setting for the brideSchedules & Timings

Following your wedding planning meeting with one of our team, you’ll have a schedule to hand detailing all of the on-the-day timings. Either use this, or design your own if you prefer, and hand these out to the bridal party so that everyone knows what is happening, when and what their role is. Print off a few copies and leave them somewhere so everyone can grab a copy. It’s far better to be organised than overwhelmed, and a schedule will help to avoid any mishaps. Of course, one of our wedding coordinators will be on hand to help and advise, and they will know exactly what is happening and when!


Emergency Wedding Kit

 A must-have for any bride, an emergency wedding kit should be packed full of essential items, beauty top-ups and more. Hand it over to a bridesmaid so that you know you can dip into it if you need to. Fill it with tissues, lip balm, plasters, a needle and thread, hair spray and anything else that might prevent a big day disaster! If there is anything you don’t have please just ask – we have lots of things in our cupboards too in case you forget something!


Drink Plenty of WaterBride and bridesmaids making final preparations in the Hayloft

This is basic, but an important one – stay hydrated on your wedding day. There will be so much going on and you’ll be so busy chatting and having photographs taken, that it is really easy to forget to drink anything. Several hours and a couple of glasses of bubbly later, the dehydration will suddenly hit you. There is a small kitchen area in our Hayloft bridal area, so no excuses for not drinking plenty whilst you’re getting ready for your ceremony!


Bride and groom walking hand and hand in the gardenSpend Time Together

It sounds rather obvious, doesn’t it? But actually, lots of couples find they are so busy chatting to their guests that they don’t manage to steal even five minutes alone together. Your wedding day is all about celebrating your love for one another, so make sure you factor in some time just for the two of you to savour the moment being newlyweds.

Step back to bask in the moment together and take it all in – it’s going to be the best day of your lives!

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