Falling out of favour – are wedding favours worth it?

Wedding favours have been around for centuries but are they still relevant for today’s weddings? In this blog, we’ll look at what wedding favours are and why we have them, and explore some wedding favour ideas that are more in keeping with the 21st century…

What are wedding favours and do you need them at your wedding?


The origins of wedding favours

It is thought that the tradition of giving guests wedding favours began in France where aristocrats handed out bonbonnieres as a symbol of good luck. In Greece, couples would offer their guests five sugared almonds to represent fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness. We might not see many sugared almonds at weddings these days, but the tradition of giving wedding favours shows no sign of slowing down, with couples coming up with ever more inventive and original ideas.

Are wedding favours worth it?


There is no obligation to provide wedding favours for your guests, especially if you are concerned about sustainability and cost. But, we’ve seen all sorts of wedding favour ideas at Lapstone Barn which highlight some very compelling reasons why you might choose to have them in your wedding plans:

They represent a token of gratitude

For many, these small gifts are a meaningful way to show gratitude to guests for their attendance and support. This is especially true if the wedding favours are useful or can be kept for longevity. At Lapstone Barn, we have seen couples present guests with pretty packets of flower seeds as wedding favours. These can be in bespoke packaging and contain seeds of the bride and groom’s favourite flowers or even seeds from their own gardens. When the seeds grow they will become a lasting reminder of the couple’s special day.  

They show creativity

Wedding favours that are original, creative and carefully considered are always well-received by guests. It is always interesting to see wedding favour ideas in the form of unique gifts that reflect a couple’s style, interest and personality. At one memorable wedding at Lapstone Barn, the bride, who was an artist, hand-painted 150 candles to give to all the guests as wedding favours.

They act as conversation starters

It is common to be seated next to people you don’t know at weddings, and wedding favours are a great way to break the ice. Especially if they include alcohol! One of the quickest ways to get the table talking that we have seen was the couple who provided miniature tequila bottles as wedding favours, then asked us to provide lime and salt. It was a lovely way to elevate the standard ‘we tied the knot, take a shot’ favour! 

They give a personal touch

Some of the best wedding favours are those that have been carefully thought out and lovingly created. One particularly stand-out example of personalised wedding favours was the couple who hand-wrote cards to each of their guests. They wrote about a personal memory that they had shared with their guest and what they love about that person!

They can enhance your tablescape

Wedding favours can lend a fun, decorative element to the table. Miniature potted plants are a great idea for wedding favours as they add greenery to the flower display on the table. And the bonus is that each guest can take their plant home to keep afterwards, so it ticks the sustainability box as well.

They represent meaningful moments

If couples want to give something back on their wedding day, charitable wedding favours are a good way of supporting a good cause. One of our brides sadly lost her mum to cancer before her wedding so arranged for Cancer Research pins to be given as wedding favours. This was a lovely way to remember her mum and of donating to a cause that was close to her heart.

Tips for the best wedding favour ideas

As highlighted, the best wedding favours tend to be those that the bride and groom have really thought about and that show some of their personality. That doesn’t mean wedding favours have to cost a lot, in fact, quite the reverse. Most guests will appreciate wedding favours that are original and personalised, whether that’s home-made cookies or a hand-written card, something that they can use or consume, and that will serve as a lasting memory of a special day.


Need more wedding favour ideas?

Our wedding planners have seen some amazingly original and unique wedding favours over the years at Lapstone Barn. For help with all details of planning your wedding, do get in touch.

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