Your Wedding Breakfast Table Style Guide

It might be an easy decision for you, but in case you’re struggling to decide which look to go for, here is our guide to all the pros and cons of banquet style versus round tables for your wedding breakfast….

You have a huge number of decisions to make planning your perfect wedding day, and a lot of them hinge around the overall look and style you’re going for. The layout of the tables for your wedding breakfast is a good decision to make at the start, as you’ll want to choose different styling and floral options depending on this layout.

Northwick Barn is our main dining space on your wedding day, and both formats work beautifully in the barn. Hopefully this guide will help make your decision a bit easier!

Round Tables


  • They will give a beautifully traditional look to your wedding day
  • It’s easy for you and your guests to circulate through the tables
  • We can use different size tables to make your seating plan work – from 6-12 guests per table
  • Choose from a huge range of table linen colours (additional charges may apply) to style up the day
  • Some of our starters can be served on circular sharing boards, which is a great ice breaker if your guests don’t know everyone at their table


  • On large round tables it can be tricky to chat to everyone round the table
  • You need to use tablecloths, which creates a more formal look

Round tables set for the wedding breakfast

Long Tables


  • The banqueting style is a more contemporary look and a popular choice
  • Rows and rows of tables make a big impact for your wedding breakfast
  • The wooden table tops add a warm and rustic feel to the styling
  • Table runners and foliage garlands look fabulous along the full length of the tables
  • It’s easier to chat to people on the other side of the table as they are narrower – keep your floral arrangements low or choose tall vases so you can see people across the table!
  • The tables can be arranged in different formats, across the barn or horseshoe shaped for example

Long tables set for the wedding breakfast


  • Tablecloths don’t work on our rustic trestle tables – Granny might not approve!
  • It’s slightly more difficult to work your way round the room as you have to walk along the length of the tables
  • Banqueting style works better for more than 60 guests, so that the room feels full enough

Floral arrangements and place settings at the wedding breakfast

So, which will you choose? As always, we are here to chat through all the options about every aspect of your wedding day. Please just drop us a line when you need some help or advice!

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